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FUB Sale – Why is FUB Sale So Popular?

FUB Sale – Why is FUB Sale So Popular?

If you’ve never heard of FUB, you may be wondering how this brand is different from other
sustainable clothing brands. FUB is a Danish brand that produces its collections using only the
finest Bio-Materialien
. Moreover, their designs are completely unisex and are made from the
softest wool and organic cotton. And if you’re wondering how sustainable the brand is, you can
read on to learn more. In this article, we’ll go through some of the key points of the brand and
why it is becoming so popular amongst the fashion conscious.
FUB is a Danish brand of sustainable knitwear
With a focus on beautiful, timeless knitwear, Danish brand FUB aims to make every child feel

their best and feel comfortable. The brand uses GOTS certified organic cotton and OEKO-
TEX(r) certified merino wool in its collections
. The designs are timeless and fun, encouraging

children to mix and match their looks with other pieces in their wardrobe. And the best thing is,
each piece lasts for years.
The company produces knitwear in a circular fashion. It uses the same yarns throughout the
season, and produces only to order. Each item is packaged in biodegradable polybags.
Marketing materials are printed on FSC-certified eco paper. The company’s team answered our
questions and was responsive to our follow-ups. We shopped the brand’s website to learn
more about its practices, and we were happy to find that they are committed to ethical fashion.
Wool-based yarns are sustainable in many ways. Wool from alpacas is an ideal choice
because it is gentler on the earth and uses less water. Plus, alpacas are cute! And if you’re
looking for a new sweater, FUB has your child’s comfort in mind. This wool also retains
moisture, keeping your child warm and comfortable. Plus, it comes from South Africa!
While many of us associate knitting with warmth and coziness, Danish designers are
redefining the word. Designers Amalie Roege Hove, Lulu Kaalund, and Nadia Wire are
redefining the concept of knitwear. Their pieces are based on a sustainable, ethically-sourced
foundation. They’re designed with the idea that sustainable knitwear should be comfortable,
fashionable, and environmentally friendly.


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