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Taurus TX22 1TX2234110 For Sale

Taurus TX22 1TX2234110 For Sale

Looking for a Taurus TX22 1TX2234110 for sale?

This article will answer those questions and more.

If you’re interested in a performance-oriented 22LR rimfire pistol, this might be your gun.

The Taurus 1TX2234110 comes with a suppressor adapter collar, ready to go right out of the box.

Taurus TX22 1TX2234110

If you are looking for a full-size, performance-driven shotgun, consider the Taurus TX22. This

non-threaded model features a Picatinny rail. For the ultimate versatility and functionality,

a variety of features are included in the Taurus TX22. Listed below are some of its best
features. Interested in purchasing one? Keep reading to learn about it!

Performance-oriented 22LR rimfire pistol

The performance-oriented Taurus 1TX223410 rimfire pistol is a powerful full-size rimfire
handgun. Its design delivers unmatched accuracy and reliability without expensive upgrades or
modifications. In addition to its high accuracy, it features superior reliability and built-in
comfort. It is also compatible with various rimfire ammunition types. The Taurus 1TX2234110
comes with a black slide.

Comes with a suppressor adapter collar

The Ops Inc. #12 suppressor adapter collar is designed to attach to various firearms. Its
construction includes an anchor that secures the smooth section of the barrel

and a housing sized and shaped to span the various geometries and obstructions near the muzzle
end of the firearm. The collar features an alignment surface to help guide the muzzle into
concentric alignment with the suppressor.


If you’re interested in buying a Taurus TX22 pistol, it’s best to understand how to properly
evaluate the pricing before buying. This pistol has many features that make it an excellent
choice for various users. For starters, it has a polymer frame with a matte black slide.

Additionally, it features a right-side slide ejection port, unlike many of its rivals, which all
feature a top ejection port.


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